NBA JAM: On Fire Edition Detailed

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
While the NBA may be heading towards a protracted lock-out that makes even a hardened NFL player cringe, the folks at EA Sports are helping to ease the suffering of fans by releasing NBA JAM: On Fire Edition to the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Trey Smith, the Creative Director of NBA JAM: On Fire Edition tells fans what to expect:

You wanted TAG MODE and TEAM FIRE – DONE!

You wanted DEEPER GAMEPLAY with more strategy – DONE!

You wanted BETTER AI – DONE!


But above all…You wanted a better PRICE – DONE!
You want a little more DETAIL on those statements - DONE!

Tag Mode will allow you to play as either member of your two-man team.

Team Fire can be activated by nailing threes and uncontested alley-oops.

Deeper Gameplay is being accomplished with "over 1,000 game play tweaks".

Better AI is coming from the same AI engine used for and the other games of the Fight Night Series.

The better online experience will include an online co-op campaign mode and a new tournament mode the dev team is calling ARENA.

Finally, EA Sports has released a video trailer for the On Fire Edition featuring the hilarious commentary of Tim Kitrow:

You will be able to get en fuego with NBA JAM: On Fire Edition this fall with its XBLA release and, according to Smith, will cost $15 (or 1200 MSP to you and me).
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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