Awesomenauts Character Spotlight: Sheriff Lonestar

By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
Earlier this month, dtp Entertainment and Ronimo Games spotlighted Froggy G, one of the six characters that will be featured in their upcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title, Awesomenauts. Today, they've passed along information about another character, Sheriff Lonestar.

Sheriff Lonestar was the centerpiece of a theme park in the Bovinion system. The Bovinions, a "semi-intelligent cow-like species" who maintained a tribal culture, often passed down a story to scare young Bovinions. In the story, a cowboy would catch naughty young calves with his unrelenting lasso.

Unfortunately for the Bovinion, the theme-park centerpiece escaped his cage one day and set about turning the Bovinion boogeyman story into reality, as Sheriff Lonestar lassoed all the Bovinions he set his sights on. Once he completed that task, Sheriff Lonestar left the planet on a rocket ship and now finds himself fighting in the robot wars as a mercenary for hire.

Several details about Sheriff Lonestar's abilities were also revealed.
Lonestar’s abilities:
Lonestar is a great fan of shooting things, but sometimes bullets just won't cut it. So to make sure it stays down, Lonestar will chuck cigar-lit sticks of dynamite at his foes!

To keep himself sharp, Lonestar trains with powerful holo-Bulls that knock anyone away. New fangled portable holo-tech allows him to turn his training program on his enemies!

Even though it's a but modern for his tastes, Lonestar has shot his way out of many a tight situation using his deadly and accurate space blaster!

Double Jump
Using the simple thrusters he integrated into his classic cowboy boots, Lonestar can do an extra jump in mid-air. Handy for traversing mountains of wrangled Bovinions!

Some of Lonestar’s purchasable items:
Mister TNT
Increases the explosion size of dynamite.
“Free black van included.”

Techno Viking Helmet
Makes hyper bull deal damage.
“This helmet is property of chief Red Beard.”

Cheetag Bullets
Increase rate of fire of blaster.
“No Zurians were harmed during the testing other than the ones that were.”
Awesomenauts will be released sometime this Summer.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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