Zombie Apocalypse 2 Gameplay Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock,
Konami have released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming top-down, twin-stick, undead-slaying shooter, Zombie Apocalypse 2.

You may have already guessed that Zombie Apocalypse 2 is the sequel to Zombie Apocalypse. The upcoming XBLA title will continue with the top-down view, as up to four players fight to survive the oncoming hordes of zombies using any and every weapon they can find.

The trailer shows off a squad of four characters in action. Besides the usual frantic style of shooting wildly in all directions with machine guns, Uzis and other weapons, the trailer also reveals the much loved explosive teddy bear decoy back in action. Players can also switch between characters using the bumper buttons, switch weapons and share power and energy for the slacking "noobs. Lame!"

Here's the trailer:

As you saw, the possibility is there to revive other squadmates. Unfortunately, these guys didn't have the strafing skills to save each other.

Zombie Apocalypse 2 is set to hit the XBLA in Q4 2011. More details and screens can be found here.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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