Gamestop's FIFA 12 Pre-Order Bonus [US]

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
The most popular sport around the globe is soccer, and the most popular soccer simulation is EA Sports' FIFA series. In hoping you score with them, Gamestop announced their inevitable pre-order bonus for this year's installment, FIFA 12.

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Reserving the game at Gamestop will grant players 24 gold packs ($24 value) to use in the Ultimate Team mode; four per month over six months. Although previously billed as a UK exclusive, United States fans of the best-selling franchise can now get their hands (or more appropriately, their cleats) on the same bonus content.

The Ultimate Team game mode was introduced in FIFA 09 and has since been created for EA's other big sports sims, first for Madden as free DLC in Madden 10, and then a year later in NHL 11. Ultimate Team combines fantasy sports and trading card features. Players can build their roster by earning credits in-game and use them to buy virtual trading cards that grant them players for their team. Over time, a skilled player can build their true ultimate team.

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Gold packs are the most prestigious and feature rare, elite players to use as you buy, sell, earn, and trade for your dream roster.

Head back onto the pitch with FIFA 12 September 27th in the US and September 30th in the UK.
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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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