Street Fighter x Tekken Gameplay Videos

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
I speak for everyone when I say that we have all been annoyed with how Capcom is announcing characters for Street Fighter x Tekken. So when we finally received gameplay trailers of the new fighters, it was a breath of fresh air. Well get ready to take another whiff of awesome. Thanks to Comic-Con last weekend, we have some more gameplay from the Capcom booth to share with all of you!

The first video has Chun-Li and Poison (Team "Legs") against Yoshimitsu and Kazuya (Team "Where's my 8-way run!?"). Keep an eye out for Poison's "Spank With A Riding Crop" super move.

The second video has Poison and Dhalsim taking on Yoshimitsu and Steve Fox. If you only watch one of these, watch this one.

Did you see when both sides triggered a super move and all four characters were fighting at the exact same time? That is awesome!

Street Fighter x Tekken has no release date but is expected in early 2012.