Apex Legends' Monsters Within event is live now

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Monsters Within event is live now for Apex Legends, adding the new Arenas map and, later, Shadow Royale as a time-limited mode.

The new Encore Arenas map is located on Boreas, and has two high-ground locations to fight over: the VIP Longe and the Performance Stage. "This map is open and offers strong environmental awareness," the devs explain. "Good teamwork and strategy are key if you want to succeed in this arena."

Shadow Royale arrives a little later on October 26th and is a "darker version of the Apex Games, overseen by Revenant with a horrifying twist. All slain Legends respawn in a Shadow-Form to exact revenge and help their living squad mates. Shadow lives are infinite, and your squad’s not eliminated until the last living Legend falls." Monsters Within also adds a rewards track and cosmetics such as the Necro Nightmare Revenant skin.

Monsters Within is live now in Apex Legends.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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