The Gunstringer's Hardcore Mode Detailed

By litepink, 7 years ago
Fresh off the heels of the news of the price and release date, more Gunstringer details are now flowing in. The warped minds at Twisted Pixel have revealed on their developer blog that their upcoming Kinect game The Gunstringer will include several interesting game modes. For starters, a No-Fail Mode offers an option for those not-so-talented gamers. Twisted Pixel will also include a mode with in-game commentary, and a Meatstringer Mode which they are saving the details of for a later date.

The most noteworthy game mode though is the Hardcore Mode, which promises to be the "meanest Kinect experience ever." While previous Twisted Pixel titles have featured a Hardcore Mode, this one is set to be as crazy as ever. Among the bullet points are:

- Enemies shoot three or more bullets for every bullet they'd usually shoot.

- Dodging obstacles becomes harder with boulders and traps in all-new locations

- You lose double health, and it never regenerates.

Now if that wasn't insane enough, the planned "Strings of Steel" achievement will provide the ultimate challenge:

Strings of Steel

That's right, not only will you have to face the challenges of the Hardcore mode, but you'll have to beat the entire game in one playthrough, without dying! They even go as far as booting you to the dashboard if you fail. This was the only achievement Twisted Pixel has teased, but the game is already looking to be a high TA point value.

If you are up to the challenge, The Gunstringer releases September 13th in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia; and September 16th in Europe.