Gaming Sessions Enhancements

By Rich Stone, 7 years ago
Morning folks

Some features and info for you.....

Gaming Sessions

I have made some changes to the Gaming Sessions calendar. Sessions you are in or have applied for now appear with a dark outline – this should make it considerably easier to see your sessions. Sessions you have applied for but not been approved on will be shown in italics.

The calendar settings themselves will now be remembered for the duration of your visit to the site. This means you can wander away from the page and then come back and it will remember the view and date you were looking at previously. There is now an option in the settings to open the session pages in a new window (or tab) on your browser, and these settings are now linked from the page itself.

I have also removed sessions that have already happened that you weren’t involved in, which should enhance the page load times a little (although I am working on improving this more).

Session lists on now include applied for sessions and the time is now correct for your time zone. The session pages themselves also now contain the session notes.

Social links

In other news, I’ve added a couple of social links to the homepage where you can like us on Facebook and +1 on Google. If you like what we are doing then please show your support by clicking these.

Email notifications

Somewhat annoyingly, Hotmail and MSN emails are blocking many of our emails (including the Welcome mail that contains the verification links). This means that most Hotmail users are unable to properly register. Microsoft believe that we are sending too many emails and us to be spammers. I checked yesterday and we actually sent out 23,000 emails, which is quite a lot. One person was sent 174 emails, including Private Message and boosting session notifications. I tend to agree that this is considerably more than most people would want to receive in a day! So I’ve made some changes to try to get us off their blacklist. We will only send a maximum of 5 emails since your last site visit. If you come back and log in, this resets. I may revise this in future – let me know your thoughts!


Rich Stone
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