Red Faction Franchise Being Phased Out

By Dog of Thunder,
THQ, the publisher behind Red Faction: Guerrilla, Red Faction: Armageddon and the downloadable tie-in, Red Faction: Battlegrounds, have decided to cut their losses with the Mars-based franchise.

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has informed investors that the series "did not resonate with a sufficiently broad console gaming audience". Going into further detail, he provided the following quote:

In today's hit-driven, core gaming business, even highly-polished titles with a reasonable following like Red Faction face a bar that continues to move higher and higher. Moving forward, our core game titles must meet a very high quality standard with strong creative and product differentiation, appeal to a broad audience, and be marketed aggressively.
This could explain the permenant price reduction on Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC. This stance by THQ is of course a total 180 degrees from where they were just last year, as the company touted Red Faction: Armageddon as a bold, fresh start for the franchise that would encompass all media. After all, who could forget the SyFy movie that filled in the gap between Red Faction: Guerrilla and Red Faction: Armageddon?

If Red Faction: Battlegrounds had not been such a blatant cash-in on the franchise's name (Metacritic score: 52; TA Community score: 3.1), and if Red Faction: Armageddon had built on the critically acclaimed fully destructible sandbox of Red Faction: Guerrilla, we may instead be reading about Armageddon's sequel.

Alas, today we mourn the passing of a schizophrenic franchise. God speed Red Faction, god speed.