Driver: San Francisco Delayed A Week to Sept 6th

By litepink, 7 years ago
Update: Ubisoft has confirmed on their forums that Europe's Sept. 2nd date is still on track (thanks Nod Nolan)

Original Story: Those eager to get their hands on the latest Driver will have to wait one more week, according to the game's Twitter account. Ubisoft's Driver: San Francisco is green-lighted for a September 6th release, one week after the previous set date of August 30th. No comment was made on why the game was pushed back a mere seven days, or if Europe would see a delay of their September 2nd date.

Four gameplay trailers have been released in order to prove it'll be worth the extra wait. The three single player videos have a large focus on the "shift" mechanic, allowing Tanner to essentially enter the body of another driver to cause calculated mayhem on the streets by crashing into others or creating roadblocks.

Ubisoft promises a multiplayer experience with "something for everyone", which can be seen in the final trailer. Shifting plays a key role in multiplayer too, and the online Driver Club looks to take advantage of social media to enhance your multiplayer adventures, mimicking services like Halo's or the Rockstar Social Club.

Driver: San Fransisco for now is still set for September 2nd in Europe and, as mentioned, has been moved back to September 6th in North America.