Four More Characters Confirmed for SSX

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The ten slots holding the roster reveal comics on the official SSX Facebook page have gradually been filling up. When we posted our last character roundup, we had six confirmed returning characters: Elise Riggs, Mac Fraser, Kaori Nishidake, Moby Jones, Psymon Stark and Zoe Payne. Since then, one more familiar face has been added to the roster. Griffin Simmons is not a 14-year-old snowboarding prodigy anymore, but he hasn't mellowed with age. If anything, he is even more arrogant and cocky than he was back then. His comic book is yet to be made into a trailer, but the comic itself can be viewed here.

Nine of the ten slots have now been filled, but the last two have been taken by new characters. The first is Alex Moreau:

28/7/11 Alex

Producer Sean Smillie explains that Alex is the result of the development team's wish to add some European flavour to the team. Taking inspiration from video footage of epic descents of Mt. Blanc in the 1970's and 80's, the team decided to add a new female character of Parisian descent.

Alex has been shaped to be an alternative to Elise. When she isn't snowboarding, Alex almost has the life of a Bond girl, gracing the covers of international fashion magazines and partying with the rich and famous. However, when on the slopes, she has earned the nickname of the Chamonix Assassin. She defeats all challengers with "an ease and attitude that could be described as surgical", as she strives for perfection on each of her runs. Her comic book can be seen here.

The second new character is Tane Mumea:

28/7/11 Tane

The team took their inspiration for this character when looking outside of the world of snowboarding. The most obvious choice for an alternative sport was surfing. The team wanted the new character to be easy-going, and have a fluid riding style witnessed in many renowned surfers.

Having become frustrated with the pressures that are imposed on the top surfers, Tane has moved into the world of snowboarding. He doesn't take life seriously. He has a sense of humour that marks him as "the kind of rider who would enjoy carving down a mountain as a massive avalanche hurtles down after him. That type of thing wouldn’t shake Tane; he would be smiling and laughing, calling out to his chopper pilot that “this is what it's all about” - riding and living life to the fullest." His comic book can be seen here.

The announcement of these characters leaves just one slot available in the list of roster reveal comics. One new face is yet to receive his own comic, and that is Ty Thorson:

28/7/11 Tyson

Ty's snowboarding career began at a very early age whilst growing up in the remote town of Tromso, Norway. There are more details on this character to be revealed soon. However, EA Sports has promised that they are "not quite done revealing characters". We'll keep you informed of any new developments!

In another press release that appeared simultaneously with the character artwork, three new screenshots have been released, giving players a sneak peek of two locations. Of course, it wouldn't be SSX without one of their characters (Psymon) pulling tricks at the same time now, would it?

28/7/11 Psymon in the Himalayas: One Foot

28/7/11 Psymon in the Himalayas: Grab

28/7/11 Psymon in Alaska: Frontside Grab

SSX is due to be released in January 2012.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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