Deus Ex: Human Revolution Needed Cuts

By Andrew Ogley, 7 years ago
It was announced earlier this week that Deus Ex: Human Revolution had gone gold and hit their delivery milestone on target.

However, in a recent interview with Major Nelson on his podcast, Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, art director for DE:HR, revealed that during the four years of development, the team had to make a large number of cuts to ensure the game would be finished in time. Such sacrifices even included a complete city hub which had to be removed, apparently to Jacques-Belletete's dismay. Although this was removed quite early in development, other cuts were made very late in the process, purely to ensure that deadlines were met. Jacques-Belletete went on to say that if everything had been included, the game would have had 100+ hours gameplay.

The art director went on to reassure Major Nelson that, despite the edits, there was still 25 - 40 hours of gameplay depending on how much of a completionist the player is, which is comparable to similar games such as Mass Effect.

During the interview Jacques-Belletete also revealed how much he felt that games such as Mass Effect and BioShock (Xbox 360) owed to the original Deus Ex, and how this had finally come full circle with the same games now influencing DE:HR.

Personally, I have always felt that JC Denton was one of the great unsung heroes in videogame history, and none of the games since that first Deus Ex have ever given me quite the same experience. I hope that this prequel can finally deliver.

Major Nelson's Podcast number 404, is still available on iTunes and Major Nelsons website. The interview starts at the runing time of 48:43 and is approximately 20 minutes duration.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released on August 23rd in North America, August 25th in Australia and August 26th in Europe.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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