Microsoft celebrates 20 years of Xbox with interactive museum

By Heidi Nicholas,
Microsoft continues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox — this time with an interactive 3D museum where you can check out the history of each Xbox console, and your own personal stats.

The museum lets you explore the history of Xbox, starting with the original Xbox and heading all the way to the Xbox Series X|S. Your little avatar gets plonked down in the exhibit and can run between and interact with the different stories, to fully explore the history from the conception of the idea of a console from Microsoft, all the way through to its 20th anniversary. You also have the option to visit your own personal museum, where you'll see stats such as your Gamerscore, your most played game and top genre, the number of achievements you've earned and the number of titles you've played, as well as the consoles you've owned.

Have you tried the museum out yet? If not, try it out here. It seems a little wobbly so far on how well it works — let us know what you think in the comments! And, if you're in a retrospective mood, don't forget we're going through our own series of 20 moments that defined Xbox — check out the timeline so far below:

Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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