Martha is Dead launches on Xbox in February 2022

By Tom West,
Wired Productions has announced that the upcoming psychological thriller, Martha is Dead, will be releasing on February 24th, 2022, for Xbox consoles.

Developed by Italian developer LKA using the Unreal Engine, Martha is Dead blends reality and superstition with the tragedy of war, in 1940s Italy. It’s a first-person psychological thriller game that has you searching for the reasons why your twin sister Martha was found drowned and desecrated. You’ll wrestle with the trauma of loss, the brutality of war, and the strange folklore of the area, wrapped up in a narrative-driven experience.

The press release reads: "Martha Is Dead has been a long journey for the team at LKA, but we’re now nearing the point where the whole world will get to play it and we cannot wait. It’s an experience curated to be faithfully accurate to the era, from our authentic recreation of the Tuscan countryside through to the impact that WWII had on Italy."

Launching on February 24th, 2022, for both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, as well as PS5, PS4, and PC, Martha is Dead uses the Unreal Engine to bring a fully explorable Italian countryside to life — which Wired Productions says can be explored on foot, bike, and boat, and is “beautifully realised thanks to the power and versatility of the Xbox Series family of consoles.”

We’re certainly excited to see this game release, what about you? Let us know down below!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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