Forza Horizon 5: Best cars and tunes for spring Festival Playlist (Series 13)

By Sean Carey,

A new Festival Playlist is live in Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels, and we've raced across Mexico to bring you the latest Festival Playlist challenges, tips, and tricks for the spring season in Series 13.

We've played through this season's Trial, Seasonal Championships, and PR Stunts to give you our recommended car selections and tunes for each event. We've also detailed the spring season's complete list of challenges, including vehicle restrictions, to make things easier to parse.

By completing every event this month's Festival Playlist has to offer (Hot Wheels events are not required), you'll unlock the Min, Meet Max achievement.

Forza Horizon 5Min, Meet MaxThe Min, Meet Max achievement in Forza Horizon 5 worth 91 pointsComplete all non-Expansion Events in a Festival Playlist Series

Series 13: Horizon 10-Year Anniversary

Forza Horizon 5's 13th Series gives us a fresh batch of cars to unlock. In Series 13: Horizon 10-Year Anniversary, grabbing 80 points across the Series will net you the hard-to-find Wuling Sunshine. If you collect 160 points, you'll bag the 650S Spider.

Spring: Hot Season

This week's Festival Playlist season is spring, and as always, two cars are up for grabs. For earning 20 points, you'll unlock the exclusive AM One-77, and for 40 points, the hard-to-find Peel P50.

Forzathon Events

Forzathon Weekly Challenge — Welcome to the UK (5 Season Points and 80 Forzathon Points)

Chapter Chapter requirements
Chapter 1: New Beginnings Own and drive the 2018 McLaren Senna
Chapter 2: No Limits Earn five Ultimate Speed Skills in the 2018 McLaren Senna
Chapter 3: Horizon History Earn 12 Stars at PR Stunts in the 2018 McLaren Senna
Chapter 4: The Great Race Win a Road Racing Event in the 2018 McLaren Senna

Forzathon Daily Challenges

Challenge Challenge requirements Season Points Forzathon Points
Party Like it's 2018 – active: 03/11/2022 Visit the Horizon 4 Festival Site in Tierra Próspera 1pts 10 FP
Block-Buster – active: 05/11/22 Complete a Challenge Card in any Hoonigan 1pts 10 FP
Trailblazing – active: 06/11/22 Earn three Stars at Trailblazers 1pts 10 FP
British Racing Green – active: 07/11/22 Win a Road Racing Event in any Aston Martin 1pts 10 FP
Master Builders – active: 08/11/22 Play any EventLab from the Creative Hub 1pts 10FP
Can't Catch Me! – active: 09/11/22 Earn 5 Speed Skills in The Eliminator 1pts 10 FP

Season Events

Event Event requirements Vehicle restrictions Season Points Reward
The Trial: Stock Showdown: Land Rover Velar Win two out of three races as a team against Unbeatable Drivatars No Upgrades - Land Rover Velar, Class: B638 10pts Mclaren P1
Eventlab: Dinofire Speedway Hot Wheels Complete the Eventlab Anything Goes, Class: S1900 3pts Rawr Emote Reward
Seasonal Playground Games: Survival Complete the series of Playground Games events Offroad, Class: B700 3pts Land Rover Velar
Drift Zone: Reservoir Score 120,000 points in the Drift Zone TVR, Class: S1900 2pts Super Wheelspin
Trail Blazer: Desert Descent Beat the Trailblazer with a minimum of 12 seconds remaining on the clock Land Rover, Class: A800 2pts Super Wheelspin
Trail Blazer: Over the Dune Beat the Trailblazer with a minimum of eight seconds remaining on the clock Jaguar, Class: A800 2pts Super Wheelspin
Seasonal Championship: Well-Seasoned Win the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Country: UK, Class: A800 5pts Odesza - A Moment Apart
Seasonal Championship: Mini Mayhem Win the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Mini, Class: B700 5pts AM DBS SL '19

How to beat Forza Horizon 5 Spring Festival Playlist Season Events

For this week's Trial, Stock Showdown: Land Rover Velar, we can't give you any recommendations as you're restricted to a stock Land Rover Velar. Overall, The Trial this week is pretty easy and providing you have a half-decent team, you should win this one without a problem. The Velar is a pretty decent car overall, and there isn't too much to say about it. It can be a bit slow getting it up to a decent speed, but other than that, it's a good car for its class.

For the Reservoir Drift Zone, you'll need to score more than 120,000 points in the Zone in a Class S1 TVR. To keep things nice and simple, we used a stock 2018 TVR Griffith, which costs 105,000 CR from the Autoshow. This Drift Zone is really long, so you'll have plenty of time to rack up 120,000 points. Get a bit of speed up, keep flinging the TVR's back end out using the handbrake, and you'll easily beat the target.

The Desert Descent Trailblazer asks you to beat the Trailblazer with at least 12 seconds remaining on the clock in a Class A Land Rover. We beat this one using a stock 2015 Land Rover Sport SVR. As soon as you pass through the starting gate, immediately hit a right and prepare yourself for a bumpy descent down the mountain. On your way down, you should see a dried-up riverbed that merges with an offroad track — don't follow these exactly as a straighter path is more efficient, but try to utilise them where possible until you get to the finishing gate. The rewind button is your friend here!

The final PR Stunt this week is the Over the Dune Trailblazer, which asks you to beat the Trailblazer with at least 8 seconds remaining on the clock in a Class A Jaguar. For this one, we went with a stock 2012 Jaguar XKR-S. Once you've passed through the starting gate, turn left and boot it towards the finishing line. Try to avoid crashing through trees and obstacles as they'll sap your speed, and once you get to the dunes, don't make any big jumps as the landing will slow you down.

The first Seasonal Championship, Well-Seasoned, you can use any Class A car so long as it was manufactured in the UK. The only car you'll need for this Championship is the excellent 2012 Lotus Exige S with tune: 160 987 299. The Lotus with this tune is blisteringly fast off the line and in terms of acceleration. It also handles really well, so you can easily nip around some of the tighter bends. It's not very fast overall, but once you're in first place, it will be easy to hold it there.

Our next Seasonal Championship is Mini Mayhem, where you can only use a Class B Mini. We won all three races in this Championship with a 2018 Mini X-Raid John Cooper Works Buggy with tune 132 585 243. The X-Raid is incredibly speedy off the line, but its top-end speed is lacking, so you'll want to drive aggressively and draft to get out in front, especially on the first race. Overall, the X-Raid with this setup is decent, and you should pick up three wins with it.


Challenge Challenge requirements Season Points Reward
Treasure Hunt: Fame and Fortune Earn at least one star at the Airfield Speed Zone in the 1945 Willys MB Jeep 3pts 250,000 CR
Photo Challenge: #HorizonAnniversary Photograph the 2018 Mclaren Senna at the Horizon 4 Festival Site in Tierra Prospera 2pts UK Cover Car Car Horn Reward
Horizon Open: Muddy The Waters Complete a Dirt Racing Horizon Open Custom Event 2pts Snow Crew Socks Clothing Reward
The Eliminator: Battle Royale Finish 30th or better 2pts Karaoke Emote Reward
Collectibles: Alex Delivery! Smash ten Horizon 4 Bonus Boards 3pts McLaren Senna

Monthly Events

Event Event description Season Points Reward
Horizon Origins: Horizon MexicoTake Scott for a ride through Mexcio 12pts Viper '13 Anniversary Edition
Monthly Rivals: Lookout Circuit Post a clean lap to complete 4pts N/A
Forza EV: Arch Of Mulege Circuit Post a clean lap to complete 4pts N/A

Hot Wheels Events

Event Event requirements Vehicle restrictions Season Points Reward
Drift Zone: Water's Edge Score 130,000 points in the Drift Zone Anything Goes, Class: S2998 2pts Super Wheelspin
Seasonal Championship: Hot Wheels-athonWin the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Country: United Kingdom, Class: S1900 5pts Ranger Rover '73
To complete Forza Horizon 5's new Hot Wheels events on the Festival Playlist, you will need to have reached Elite Rank (S2 Class) in the Hot Wheels Academy.

For the Water's Edge Drift Zone, you'll need 130,000 points or more in the Zone in any Class S2 car. To keep things simple, we went with the excellent 1965 Hoonigan Ford "Hoonicorn" Mustang, which will easily see you score more than 130,000 points in the Zone — get up some speed and keep throwing the back end out.

This week's Hot Wheels Seasonal Championship, Hot Wheels-athon, requires you to win the Championship in a Class S1 car manufactured in the UK. We went with the same 2018 TVR Griffith that we used for the Reservoir Drift Zone, and picked up three wins on the bounce. You'll probably find yourself languishing at the back at the start of each race, but once the TVR gets up to speed, it flies.

Got any recommended cars or tunes for completing this season's challenges that differ from ours? Give the community your suggestions down in the comments below, and let us know if you found our round-up useful!
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