Blasphemous: Wounds of Eventide free DLC launches in December

By Tom West,
Developer The Game Kitchen has announced that Blasphemous will receive its third, and final free DLC pack on December 9th, titled ‘Wounds of Eventide.’

The news comes via publisher Team 17’s recent sizzle reel for the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards, which only shows a short clip of the upcoming DLC. The few short seconds of gameplay shows off a large snake creature, plenty of combat, and a boss with flaming tornado-type abilities. There hasn’t been any word from The Game Kitchen about what exactly Wounds of Eventide will bring to Blasphemous on December 9th, but you can be sure that we’ll let you know if they do reveal more.

Wounds of Eventide is the third and final free DLC expansion for Blasphemous, due to The Game Kitchen working on Blasphemous 2, which is aiming for a 2023 release.

Will you be diving back in for a look at the new content? Let us know down below!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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