TA Playlist game for December 2021 announced

By The TA Playlist Team,
After a month of face-melting metal action in Brütal Legend, it's time to switch gears and announce the winner of the TA Playlist poll for December.

For the last Playlist of the year, we wanted to look back at some of the best games to enter the Xbox Game Pass service of the course of 2021, as rated by you, the TA community. All four games had some support in the comments, but when it came down to votes, the blow-out winner was the recently-released smash hit, Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 announcement

The fifth entry in the acclaimed open-world racing series from Playground Games takes the Horizon Festival down to Mexico for the largest map in the franchise's history. Race from volcanic deserts to lush jungles, explore Mayan ruins and Mexican villages and soak in the beautiful atmosphere while competing in Events, earning Accolades, and climbing to the top of the Festival leaderboards.

Forza Horizon 5 released less than a month ago and raced directly to the top spot on the Xbox Gameplay Chart with over 10 million players in the first week, making FH5 the "biggest launch in Xbox history." As with many new titles, there were some minor issues with certain game modes right out of the gate, but the game has still been receiving rave reviews. It currently has a Metacritic User Score of 8.7, with a Metascore of 92 — Universal Acclaim. The TrueAchievements Community Score stands at an impressive 4.68 out of 5, including a 10/10 Official Site Review.

Achievements for FH5 are mostly tied to sampling all of the various modes and events that the game has to offer, with many of the easier achievements for doing something new the first time (such as Race Into Action or No Stone Unturned), and some of the harder ones for completing all of the challenges the game has to offer (Unlimited Prowess, Min, Meet Max). At the time of writing this article, the rarest achievement to be unlocked so far, Treasure Hunter, stands at a whopping 130.49 TA Ratio for 2,610 TrueAchievement Score, but even that's not the achievement most likely to keep you from making the Shout Out list in the end-of-the-month Wrap-Up article. Of the more than 238,000 tracked gamers who've started Forza Horizon 5, none have yet finished it, thanks to Gotta Smash' Em All. This achievement requires you to complete 5 Seasonal Smashables Challenges, so no one will be able to join the 100% club until at least that many have been released, which isn't likely to happen in the next month.

Even if the completion is currently out of reach, Forza Horizon 5 still offers more than enough to keep you busy for the month, and it seems the community is eager to dive in. In one of the most lopsided TA Playlist polls in history, FH5 accelerated to an early lead and left the other three games in its dust, capturing nearly 50% of the total vote. Here are the final poll results:

TA Playlist poll results December 2021

We're looking forward to getting behind the wheel and seeing what kind of stats the Playlist community can put up in December, so rev up those engines and hit the road with us! And after the race is over, be sure to join us over in the TA Playlist Hub to discuss the results and leave a comment with your thoughts about the game… your quote could appear in an upcoming Wrap-Up article!

You will also find a thread in this forum for documenting any issues you have with the TA Playlist. Please put a post in here if you have any issues, and we'll be able to forward them to the site developers for them to take a look.
The TA Playlist Team
Written by The TA Playlist Team
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