Retail Releases: Week of August 1st, 2011

By Perpalicious,
If you've been a bit behind in your gaming then this week is the week to catch up as there are no new releases, merely re-releases. North America gets Saints Row and Saints Row 2 in a Special Edition 2-Pack that includes the Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station. Europe gets another week of the dreaded gaming drought while Australia receives an Xbox Live Arcade retail disc that contains LIMBO (Xbox 360), Trials HD, and Splosion Man. If you're truly and surely suffering for something new then take this opportunity to check out new XBLA releases, such as Bastion (Xbox 360) or the upcoming Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

North America - August 1st, 2011
Saints Row Special Edition 2-pack

[via Gamestop]

Australia - August 4th, 2011
• Xbox 360 Triple Pack (Limbo, Trials HD, and Splosion Man)

[via MightyApe]