Rubber Bandits launches into Xbox Game Pass this week

By Heidi Nicholas,
An ID@Xbox reveal trailer announced that Rubber Bandits launches into Xbox Game Pass later this week, on December 2nd.

Rubber Bandits had already been confirmed as launching for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on December 2nd, but this seems to be the first we've heard of it being added to Xbox Game Pass. Rubber Bandits is a party brawler for up to four players, and features both single player and co-op and PvP multiplayer modes. In it, you go head to head with other bandits in locations like a bank, casino, or museum while wearing a costume like a banana suit, and try to steal as much as you can while also beating up other bandits. There are 20 different weapons, from a baguette to a rocket launcher, and you can even use the rubble from the game's "highly destructible levels" as a weapon. "Battle it out in Brawl mode, execute the perfect robbery in Heist mode, or become a criminal mastermind in single player Arcade mode," the devs add.

Rubber Bandits is set to launch into Xbox Game Pass on December 2nd. Will you be trying it out?
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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