Halo Infinite's launch trailer gets us ready to "finish the fight"

By Tom West,
343 Industries has released the Halo Infinite launch trailer, ahead of the game’s release on December 8th. The countdown has begun until we need to “finish the fight…”

If entering December, the month of festive cheer, wasn’t exciting enough for you, 343 decided to make it super special with a gift from Master Chief. The Halo Infinite launch trailer does everything right when it comes to amping us up for the adventure ahead — cinematic staring moment? Check. Brute bashing? Check. In-your-face exaggerated text overlay? Double-check. Yes, we're ready to experience Zeta Halo for ourselves next month.

Halo Infinite sees Master Chief battle it out with a Brute force known as the Banished, while humanity struggles to survive. Zeta Halo gives us a slight sandbox experience, compared to the previous games in the series, as well as the ability to save UNSC Marines that will help us fight above and below the Halo ring.

If you’re looking forward to the Halo Infinite campaign too, and want a sneak-peek into what you can expect on December 8th, then might we suggest for you to take a look at our First Impressions article? We note that Halo Infinite’s campaign looks and feels great, especially after the extra year’s delay.

Are you buzzing more than a plasma pistol-wielding grunt for the game’s release? Let us know in the comments!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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