E3:09 - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Trailer

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
I happen to be a huge Marvel nerd. I'm not so sad that I can tell you that Thor was turned into a frog by his half-brother Loki in Thor #363 for four issues, or maybe I am, but I haven't had time to read the comics lately. I keep up with everything I can, receiving the little Newsletters and reading the few comics I am able to, but the Civil War storyline simply took me away. It was great.

I hadn't read comics with that caliber of writing in years and to watch the new trailer for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 with the tag lines such as "Civil War is coming" and "Choose your side" just makes me that much more excited to get the sequel to that great beat-em up that was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

So that does it. This is a definite buy for me. Check the External link below for the exclusive ES 09 trailer and enjoy, my friends!
Credit for this story goes to Badly Worn Toy