EA Sports Season Ticket Announced

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Alright boys & girls, strap yourselves in, because this story may require a bit of focus. Not unlike the coverage we ran on Call of Duty: Elite, this story is sure to anger some, delight a few and confuse many.

Today, EA SPORTS announced the EA SPORTS Season Ticket. Before knickers get twisted, let me go through what the Season Ticket is and ISN'T.

What the EA SPORTS Season Ticket IS:

* A program to give gamers early access (3 days) to all EA SPORTS titles (Madden, Tiger, FIFA, NCAA Football, NHL). i.e. You get to download and play the full game for three days before it gets released to retail.

* 20% off all paid DLC for EA SPORTS titles.

* Free access to premium web content (expanded creation center functions: create more teams, more players, custom graphics options).

* An exclusive online, in-game badge

What the EA SPORTS Season Ticket is NOT:

* A way to charge extra for multiplayer

* A way to take the "standard stuff" out of games and make you pay more for it

* The left hand of Satan come to steal your soul

EA SPORTS' Peter Moore describes the Season Pass more eloquently:

We’ve spent considerable time listening to fans and building this program, and our goal has been to create something for our core audience….people who want to play our games sooner; who either play, or have always wanted to play, several different EA SPORTS games; who enhance their games with downloadable content; or who have an appetite for premium web content. It’s not unlike the way I augment my sports television experience by having memberships to MLB.tv to watch the Red Sox and Liverpoolfc.tv to watch the Mighty Reds.

We also know EA SPORTS Season Ticket isn’t for everyone, which is why non-subscribers can continue to play exactly the way they do today. Our games on disc continue to have all the same great content, and nothing changes. This is entirely additive content for our biggest fans.
If all of this sounds like a sweet deal here are the steps on how you can purchase:

1- Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account

2- Search for and download the free EA SPORTS app from Game Marketplace

3- Locate the EA SPORTS app in your Game Library, and select "Play Game"

4- Purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for 2000 MSP

As always, feel free to hear all of the news straight from the horse's mouth by following the external link or reading Peter Moore's blog.

Now that the news hullaballoo is done, what do you think?
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Jonathan Barnes
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