E3:09 - Mass Effect 2 Trailer

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
So no one really knows. Is he alive? Is he dead?

Better yet, I guess we should start saying "she" too. If s/he pops up in the new game, will s/he be a male or a female, or do you have to answer really lame, obvious questions like in KOTOR 2?

Regardless, check out the new trailer below. I don't have much to offer here other than a few encouraging words towards the title and the definite success of the game upon release. Mass Effect 2 trailers have been beaten to death by now, but maybe you guys will like this one more than the last few.

So, who is buying this game? What are everyone's thoughts on Shepherd? Is he alive, dead, male, female?

Keep in mind, there will probably be spoilers all over the place, so don't get angry if you read stuff you didn't want to read!
Credit for this story goes to Badly Worn Toy