Battlefield 3 NA Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

By litepink, 7 years ago
While we covered Europe and Australia/New Zealand in our Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Bonus Roundup, North America was left out in the cold, until now that is. These incentives are nothing new however, as they are all content already being offered to other regions.

Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon will all upgrade you to the Limited Edition when you pre-order the game.

The Limited Edition will include the "Back to Karkand" Expansion DLC:

This themed multiplayer expansion pack includes the four legendary maps Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula and Wake Island from Battlefield 2 - boldly re-imagined with Frostbite 2 physics, destruction and visuals. Completing the package are classic Battlefield 2 weapons and vehicles which can be brought back to your Battlefield 3 game, unique unlocks, new achievements/trophies, and more.
Back To Karkand poster

Here are the pre-order incentives for each retailer:


Physical Warfare Weapons Pack

This pack includes two exclusive weapons (Type 88 Light Machine Gun and DAO-12 Shotgun), the Flechette ammo for the DAO-12 shotgun, and the Flash suppressor for the SKS Sniper Rifle. Click here for our previous coverage of this pre-order bonus. This weapons pack is a "timed exclusive", and will be made available free of charge to all Battlefield 3 players later on this year.

Type 88 Light Machine Gun

DAO-12 Shotgun

Flash suppressor for the SKS Sniper Rifle

Best Buy

Spec Act Kits

While supplies last, when you pre-order this Limited Edition game from Best Buy, you will get a code to access a special kit with 8 multiplayer weapons and uniform skins free.

Dog Tags DLC

Dog tags in Battlefield 3 serve as your ingame signature, displayed on screen every time you defeat an enemy. You can also claim the dog tag of your enemies via skillful stealth knife takedowns. This pre-order exclusive pack gives you 5 unique dog tag designs to complement the standard range in the game
Dogtags poster

It should also be noted, that is offering the Limited Edition with the "Back to Karkand" DLC as well, but with no additional incentives at this time. We'll keep you updated should more pre-order offers come in at any retailer.

Battlefield 3 will be released October 25th in North America, October 27th in Australia, and October 28th in Europe.