Rise of Glory (WP7) Achievements Patched UPDATE

By litepink, 7 years ago
While Windows Phone 7 is a popular choice among achievement hunters, it sadly has been prone to slightly more broken or buggy achievements compared to Xbox 360 or even Games for Windows titles.

Rise of Glory was victim to three broken achievements for 500, 1,000, and 10,000 kills. Released in December 2010 by Revo Solutions, the game has been broken from the get go. Oddly, the achievement for 5,000 kills has always worked, but most opted not to play that far, awaiting a patch to fix the other three before grinding that much (fearing possibly having to re-earn achievements or worse yet, being forever locked out of earning them).

Rejoice completionists, as Rise of Glory has received a Title Update bumping the game to Version 1.2! According to what Revo Solutions has told WPCentral, The sole function of the update is to fix all 3 of the broken achievements. Early indications is that not only are TrueAchievements members unlocking the once unobtainable achievements, but that you don't need to re-do the requirements of them; they'll unlock shortly after playing post update.

While many may want to point their fingers at developers, it's not always their fault. For starters, developers can't test achievements out on WP7 in a "live environment", so achievements are programmed with only the assumption they'll work. What's worse is that developers submit patches for WP7 and they won't get pushed through by Microsoft for several months, which according to Revo Solutions was the case here.

Hopefully we'll see more patches for these Windows Phone 7 games that are still in need, and that Microsoft speeds up their certification process.

Update: In response to this article, Peter Giffin, XNA Test Lead at Microsoft had this to say:
"All developers building Xbox Live enabled games have the ability to test their achievements in a live environment in both online and offline scenarios."

This contradicts statements made by an annonymous developer in a statement to WPCentral.
"“As a developer you can’t actually test LIVE functionality properly – only within a debug environment. Only Microsoft can test in a “real” LIVE environment. This meant that there may well be problems that you can’t detect while making and testing the game. It also means if they are detected, you can’t debug them or even tell exactly what’s going on, so they’re very hard to fix. This was compounded by the fact that Microsoft don’t seem to test this side of the process until well into submission – in fact until you’ve pretty much finished submission and gone through several rounds of testing.”
So, a clash of words of sorts. Perhaps developers aren't entirely aware of the tools at their disposal? This is what I take away from this.