E3:09 - Just Cause 2 Trailer

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
Whenever I hear the title of the game, I can't help but wonder just exactly what it means.

"Just Cause" as in, 'You are doing this for a just and noble purpose'
"Just Cause" as in, 'I just jumped off of that cliff 'cause I felt like it."

Err, anyways...

In the first game, you do could tons of crazy stuff. Parachuting from on top of cars, jumping from vehicle to vehicle, flying off cliffs in your car, and doing some crazy car stunts...

So what can the sequel offer that the original did not?

Just Cause may not have gotten much popularity, but the game sold like hotcakes on a Sunday. (Assuming hotcakes sell exceptionally well on that chosen day of the week.) The game, which involved sandbox gameplay, ridiculously awesome stunts, and third-person dynamics, gets a sequel after 3 years of waiting... so how much longer do we have to wait until it actually comes out?

Check the external link below for an awesome trailer that shows some of the cool new moves. It isn't much, but it definitely gets the excitement going!
Credit for this story goes to Badly Worn Toy