Forza Street set to close "spring 2022"

By Luke Albigés,
Microsoft has announced that mobile racer Forza Street will be closing down in "spring 2022," with in-app purchases being disabled today with the arrival of the game's final update.

Forza Street

In an update on the Google Play Store (clarified with an FAQ on the Forza site), we get that frustratingly vague "spring 2022" closure window, as well as confirmation that the game will remain playable as normal until that unspecified shutdown date. We'll update you once we have a confirmed time for the game's closure.

Forza Street already has one achievement flagged as Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable, with players seemingly unable to get the seven-day login streak achievement to unlock with any degree of consistency. We couldn't find any mention of a fix in the update notes for this final patch, so it looks like it will sadly prove problematic all the way up to the game's closure. Let us know if you have any luck with it in the comments and we can look at updating both article and flags should this actually turn out to be sorted... otherwise, you'll likely struggle to finish up the completion unless you've already unlocked this one.

Forza StreetCommittedThe Committed achievement in Forza Street worth 178 pointsLog into the game on 7 consecutive days

The update notes do, however, suggest that the completion might be made a little more manageable otherwise thanks to some last-ditch changes in the final patch, much like we saw in the final days of Gears POP! before its closure:
  • A new unreleased car
  • Rare & Epic Spotlights
  • Faster Energy Recharge and reduced wait times on car shows
  • Reduced prices on most items purchased with in-game currency
As noted by Joonas, 12 weeks of the Spotlight++ event starting January 17th would end on April 10th — three months from today, calendar fans — so that seems likely to be the shutdown date, but we'll confirm as soon as we can.

In-app purchases have already been disabled, with the FAQ noting that "as a one-time courtesy, we will proactively refund any purchases made within the last 30 days. These refunds will be executed automatically according to the policies of the stores in which they were made." A full shutdown is due to follow at a later date, which will render the game unplayable. We'll keep you posted as and when we get a more specific time frame than simply 'spring.'

Planning on trying to wrap this one up before it races off into the sunset forever? We're also keen to hear from folks who have had any luck with unlocking Committed recently, so drop into the comments and let us know either way!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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