Forza Horizon 5 devs to retroactively award missing points from bugged Playlist challenges

By Sean Carey,
In a new community update, Playground Games has detailed some of the fixes it's currently working on for Forza Horizon 5, including retroactively applying points from bugged Festival Playlist challenges for Series 1 and Series 2, fixing accolades, and more.

Forza Horizon 5 announcement

Playground says its teams are now back in the office after the holiday break and have "begun working on game fixes and improving the overall game experience."

One big area that Playground is focusing on is the Festival Playlist. "We know the Festival Playlist has been an area of concern for Forza Horizon 5 players. We're taking the necessary steps to ensure that future challenges and objectives can be completed by all players," the update reads. Additionally, the developer is working on a solution to "retroactively apply points for bugged Daily Challenges and Treasure Hunt events in Series 1 and Series 2," which will also unlock the Min, Meet Max achievement for those who had completed all the other events and challenges in a Series. Playground hasn't given a date for when this will go live but urges players to stay tuned for more details. The developer has also identified an issue that shows an incorrect total value of Series Points when viewing previous Series Playlists.

Accolades that aren't unlocking correctly, randomly reset, or have misleading descriptions are also getting a fix, and after listening to player feedback, Playground will be adding the ability to save and edit EventLab content after it's been created.

As for cheaters posting high scores and "erroneous" lap times on the Rivals and PR Stunts leaderboards, Playground says it's investigating a solution to remedy these and hopes to "introduce new safeguards to tackle the situation around cheating in the future."

For those using steering wheels, various issues are being investigated, including crashes with a Fanatec wheel, wheel mapping on the Hori Force Feedback wheel and a lack of rumble functionality, and issues with the handbrake on some Thrustmaster and Fanatec models, as well as a specific Logitech wheel issue where force feedback stops working after suspending the game.

The developer didn't mention when these fixes will go live but did say they will roll out to players as soon as possible.

What do you make of the news? Are you glad Playground is planning on retroactively dishing out the points for the bugged Festival Playlist challenges? Give us your thoughts down in the comments.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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