NBA 2K12 Shows New Trailer and Game Mode

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Last year, 2K Sports created an instant hit, both critically and commercially, when they allowed gamers to reenact some of Michael Jordan's most glorious career moments in NBA 2K11. They even put him on the cover of the game to display their intent on delivering an engaging new game mode. This new Jordan Challenge is partially why the game is one of the highest-rated sports games of all-time.

This year, NBA 2K12 is furthering that commitment to basketball legacy by including an expanded roster of even more legends of the game. As we told you back in July, 2K Sports will feature three alternate covers for this year's game; one with Jordan, one with Magic Johnson, and one with Larry Bird.

In this new NBA's Greatest trailer, 2K reveals an even wider cast featuring the cover stars as well as legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dr. J, Julius Irving.

The trailer serves as an announcement of this year's NBA's Greatest mode. In total, there will be a roster of 15 of the all-time greats available for players to recreate their greatest career moments. The game mode will play like last year's Jordan Challenge and players can take their legends to face off against current superstars. How would the 1983 Celtics' big three fair against the big three in Miami? Now you can find out? Who has the better slam dunk, Dr. J or Lebron? Play it out on the court.

So far, the other ten legends have not yet been announced. We'll bring that info to you as soon as it becomes available. Hit the courts with greatness past and present in NBA 2K12 this fall, October 4th in the US.
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