Dying Light 2: Stay Human co-op, platform comparisons, and more revealed

By Tom West,
Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s sixth and final episode of Dying 2 Know has just been released by Techland, giving us a closer look at the game’s four-player co-op, platform comparisons, a new gameplay video, and more.

This is the last chance you'll have to see anything new in Dying Light 2: Stay Human before its launch on February 4th. This last episode gives us a small look at the four-player co-op with a gameplay demonstration, as well as discussing the choice and consequence feature that allows all players in a host's game to vote on important story arcs, but with the deciding vote sitting with the host. We also got to see a brand-new gameplay trailer, as well as a short comparison video that gives us a better idea of how the game looks when played on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. Of course, we'll have to wait until the full release to see how Dying Light 2 really looks, but the comparison definitely highlights the crisp detailing that the latest generation of consoles can achieve.

Dying 2 Know highlights some of the teams that have worked on the game by discussing their six-year journey making Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Additionally, the team tells us how the final details about the UGC contest will be revealed. The contest was announced during the first Dying 2 Know episode and will see cosplayer Irina Meier sit as a panellist on the Techland jury. The winners will be announced at a later date, so keep an eye out on TechlandGG.

Alongside the Dying 2 Know episode, Techland held a Q+A on Twitch (thanks, MP1ST) which allowed viewers to ask Techland lead game designer, Tymon Smektala, questions about Dying Light 2: Stay Human. When asked if the game will feature cross-platform and cross-generation play, Smektala said that cross-platform won't be available. For cross-generation, though, Smektala says: “This won’t be possible at the launch of the game, but we are working to make it possible after the launch."

Dying Light 2: Stay Human launches on February 4th for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version).

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Tom West
Written by Tom West
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