John Carmack at A-Kon 20

By SeraphimNeeded, 9 years ago
As some of you know, I'm in attendance at A-Kon 20 in Dallas, TX. It's an Anime convention, so you wouldn't expect any real gaming news. However, given the size of A-Kon and the fact that id Software is based out of Dallas as well, they nearly always manage to convince id President/Co-Founder John Carmack to attend in some manner. Today, he held a panel on Gaming Technology.

Mostly, he discussed the fundamentals involved in game making and where gaming technology is headed. Carmack appears to expect at least a few more home consoles to be released, however, he was really pushing the idea that gaming tech is beginning to reach as high as it can go. He suspects that future console releases will play more with new forms of input as a result. Carmack also guessed that one of the companies will play around with the idea of a gaming system that has no disc drive and will instead rely upon digital distribution through some method as the Xbox Live Arcade or the iPhone's app store. He also suspects that all the console developers may switch to distribution methods like that for the following generation.

Given that he is the President of id Software, Carmack also had to discuss some of their projects. He confirmed the existence of 4 teams inside id. Their primary team is the team working on finishing up Rage. The next 2 teams are working on Doom 4 and Quake 5 respectively. Their final team is working on portable gaming, primarily in the form of iPhone games and ports.

In terms of what I can confirm about these products, there isn't too much that isn't already knows. First off, Carmack himself is actually very excited about the team working on iPhone games. They released Wolfenstein 3D classic a few months ago and are currently working on a port of the original Doom, which will feature multiplayer combat. Rage will be on 2 DVDs for the 360 version, but they are still struggling to make it fit. All that he really said about Doom 4 or Quake 5 is that both of them are being designed in a way that makes it much easier to divided onto several different DVDs, which it sounded like both will require in excess of 2. The final very interesting bit of info I managed to catch is they are actually making plans to make a sequel to the original Quake. This may sound confusing to those that are unfamiliar with the series, but Quake 2 (and all Quake games since) are actually not related to the original Quake in any way other than name.