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By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Last month, we brought you the announcement of Bethesda and Arkane Studios' new first-person action title, Dishonored. In the past few weeks, more details about the game have come to light, mainly from Game Informer's excellent cover story (August 2011 issue).

CVG has also managed to get an exclusive interview with Arkane Studios founder and co-creative director, Raphael Colantonio who shed a bit of light on the story behind Dishonored. Amongst the tidbits proffered were:

* The game is a mix of RPG and action.

* You play the role of a supernatural assassin. From Colantonio's descriptions, it sounds as if there will be some Hitman-esque assassination missions that roll gadgets, powers and combat all together.

* While the game is based in the future (a "retro-future industrial world"), the basis of that future lies in London in the year 1666 with additional elements layered on top of it.

* Whale oil has become the primary source of energy in this world (Rejoice, Japan!).

* There are many different paths to accomplishing missions. This sounds very much like Deus Ex, which makes sense given Colantonio's background with those games.

* Colantonio says that the dev team is very invested in player choice. With that in mind, Dishonored will feature a morality system of sorts which they are calling the "Chaos System". Gamers can expect different endings which will encourage multiple playthroughs.

Finally, several new screens have emerged which reflect this "London 1666" base for their setting:

External image

External image

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Dishonored is set for a 2012 release.
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