Sony expects Activision games to remain multiplatform due to "contractual agreements"

By Sean Carey,
Sony has now commented on Microsoft's landmark $69 billion deal to acquire Activision Blizzard, saying it expects Activision games to remain multiplatform due to contractual agreements.

Activision Blizzard

The news of the acquisition shocked everyone, and both Xbox and PlayStation fans are now asking whether or not certain Activision Blizzard games will be exclusive to the Xbox platform – most notably, Call of Duty. The Call of Duty franchise is massive in terms of sales figures, and to see the series become an Xbox exclusive, would be a massive deal.

Sony has now officially addressed the acquisition, saying it expects Microsoft to stick to contractual agreements that are in place. In a statement given to the Wall Street Journal, a Sony spokesperson said, "We expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform." Sony did not state how long these agreements are in place for, but the company has had a multi-year advertising and limited-time exclusive content deal in place for Call of Duty. It's likely Microsoft will honour these previously-formed contracts, much in the same way it has done with Deathloop and GhostWire Tokyo launching on PS5, despite purchasing ZeniMax Media.

In an employee FAQ filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (thanks, VGC), Activision has also stated that it will "honor all existing commitments post close. As with Microsoft's acquisition of Minecraft, we have no intent to remove any content from platforms where it exists today."

After those existing contracts Sony has in place come to an end, who knows what Microsoft will do. Microsoft is yet to say anything definitive on the topic of exclusivity. According to a report from Bloomberg, an anonymous source said, "Microsoft plans to keep making some of Activision's games for PlayStation consoles but will also keep some content exclusive to Xbox."

In the same report, Phil Spencer said, "I'll just say to players out there who are playing Activision Blizzard games on Sony's platform: It's not our intent to pull communities away from that platform, and we remained committed to that." It's worth noting that Spencer made similar comments surrounding Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media.

What do you make of Sony's statement? Do you think Microsoft will make Activision Blizzard's games exclusive to Xbox? Let us know down in the comments!
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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