Battlefield 2042 could go free to play due to poor performance, insider suggests

By Sean Carey,
Battlefield 2042 didn't have the best launch and even now players still aren't happy with the state of the game. According to an insider, EA is "very disappointed" with the game's performance and is potentially considering making the game free to play.

The rumours comes from insider Tom Henderson, who has been pretty reliable in the past with his Battlefield 2042 info. According to Henderson, EA is reportedly "very disappointed" with how the game has performed, and it's apparently looking at a number of different options for the title, including maybe making Battlefield 2042 free to play.

Battlefield 2042 hasn't gone down well with players at all. Over on Metacritic, the Xbox Series X|S version of the game has a poor 2.3/10 User Score, while here on TA, it sits with a 2.86/5 community rating. There have been numerous issues with the game since launch, and DICE has been steadily rolling out updates for the shooter. Update 3.2 launched recently, making several improvements to the game, and DICE has also detailed plans for a scoreboard refresh in the game's February update.

Considering Battlefield 2042 is still full price on the Xbox Store, it seems a little unlikely that the publisher would make it free to play — dropping the game into EA Play (and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) makes much more sense and would definitely boost player numbers.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 2042? Would you like to see it go free to play? Opine away down in the comments.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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