Rainbow Six Extraction reaches three million players

By Tom West,
Rainbow Six Extraction has seen three million players join the fight against the alien parasite known as the Archeans: a number that is set to rise with the implementation of the Buddy Pass feature.

Ubisoft has announced via a social media post that Rainbow Six Extraction has been played by three million people since its release last Thursday, January 20th. It's a figure that comes as no surprise, really, seeing as its Gameplay Chart debut saw it reach the top three most played games here on TA in a matter of days. Rainbow Six Extraction is also the first Ubisoft game to launch into Xbox Game Pass immediately upon release, so there is a pretty good chance that the subscription service has helped it reach more players.

The announcement also says that the game's Buddy Pass system will be available from today, which allows you to invite two friends to play the game with you, free of charge for 14 days. The only caveat, though, is that you must own the full version of the game to access the feature, so playing it through Xbox Game Pass won't work. The Buddy Pass is cross-platform compatible as well, so you can invite your pals no matter what device they play on.

To play with your friends with the Buddy Pass they first need to download the Rainbow Six Extraction trial version from their chosen platform's store. Add them as a friend on Ubisoft Connect and then invite them to your squad via the in-game menu. From here you'll be able to send them a Buddy Pass invitation, which will allow you to squad up with them for 14 days.

If you're just starting to play the game, we've got a guide full of tips and tricks for Operator progression, loadouts, and unlocks, that should help you get started on the right foot.
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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