BloodRayne Betrayal Delayed

By Lavindathar, 7 years ago
Yesterday Sony announced their own version of Summer of Arcade entitled PSN Play. It's a similar deal, buy four games and receive a voucher for a fifth game free.

Within the lineup for PSN Play are several titles that are due to hit XBLA later this year, including BloodRayne Betrayal.

Unfortunately, not long after Sony's announcement came the news that the XBLA version of BloodRayne Betrayal will go live on October 5th, nearly a month after the PS3 version and its scheduled release date.

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Has the PSN Play promotion delayed the game when it was due to hit both consoles at the same time, in some form of Playstation 3 exclusivity deal?

Possibly, possibly not. Capcom have confirmed that Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, another PSN Play title will still hit both consoles as planned without either release date being altered. Sega followed up with a similar confirmation, saying that Renegade Ops will hit both consoles in September.

BloodRayne Betrayal will now land on Xbox Live on October 5th, 2011.