Sea of Thieves Arena to close, Rare investigating achievements that could be discontinued

By Sean Carey,
Rare has detailed its plans for Sea of Thieves in 2022, including adding Adventures, Mysteries, Sea Forts, and removing the game's PvP Arena mode, which could mean we have some discontinued achievements on our hands.

Adventures & Mysteries

Alongside its Seasonal model, Rare is introducing two new ways it will update the game and expand Sea of Thieves;' lore: Adventures and Mysteries. Adventures are story-driven live events that will drop once a month and last for around two weeks. According to Rare, these Adventures are a chapter of a larger overarching story that will unfold over time within the game. Each Season will also have a special adventure that will bring the story together for a "thrilling conclusion." In key Adventures, the Sea of Thieves community will be responsible for how the story plays out. The outcome of a story will be changed based on the community's actions and who they side with. The world will also change with those decisions and feed into Sea of Thieves' ongoing storyline.

With Mysteries, players will have to work together to solve them, with Rare dropping clues in how to unravel each mystery both in and outside of the game. These Mysteries will evolve over a long time period compared to Adventures which will last around a fortnight. Rare says it's taking inspiration from a lot of other media with its Mysteries, and while the dev team couldn't give too much away, the first Mystery will involve solving the murder of a well-known character in Sea of Thieves.

Shrouded Islands: A Sea of Thieves Adventure

Sea of Thieves' first Adventure, Shrouded Islands, begins on February 17th and runs until March 3rd. Following the events of A Pirate's Life, the Sea of Thieves is now under threat by Captain Flameheart, who is trying to regain his power. A mysterious ghostly fog envelops the Golden Sands Outpost, which has been abandoned by its inhabitants. Working with Larinna and Belle, you are tasked with uncovering what has happened on the Outpost and where its people have gone. The adventure will take you across multiple locations, where you'll battle against phantoms, including a new phantom type, the Soulflame Captain, who is apparently a fearsome threat.

Sea Forts

Sea Forts

When Season 6 drops in March, a new mini-raid experience will begin, introducing six Sea Forts dotted around the game's world. In these Sea Forts, you will battle against phantoms and Sea Fort Captains for their loot and treasure. Rare says that these new Sea Forts will provide a more personal experience as it will be pitched towards you. These Sea Forts have made their way from the Sea of the Damned, and the reason why they've come across from the ethereal realm will be explained as part of an overarching story that will unfold over the rest of the year.

New Pirate Legend Voyages

Sea of Thieves Pirate Legends

New Pirate Legend Voyages are also on the way. These Voyages will be different each time they're played and will feature a mix of curated challenges. Pirate Legends can expect to go diving into the depths of the sea to explore shipwreck graveyards, use new maps to uncover treasures, and explore haunted islands. From what Rare makes out, it sounds like Pirate Legends will be able to influence the overarching story in Sea of Thieves.

PvP Arena mode shutting down

Patch 1.44

With all of the new content coming to Sea of Thieves, Rare has had to reassess where it focuses its efforts, and with that, the dev team says it's made the difficult decision to shut down The Arena mode on March 10th. Just 2% of the Sea of Thieves player base used The Arena, so you can understand the decision behind its closure. However, this means some of Sea of Thieves' achievements could potentially be discontinued. As per a post over on the Sea of Thieves website, Rare is investigating its options regarding achievements linked to The Arena and will update players once it knows more. Here is a list of achievements that might be discontinued or have their requirements changed:

Sea of ThievesShow Your Colours (Legacy)The Show Your Colours (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 127 pointsWithin The Arena, try taking a trip in contests, aboard each colour of ship!

Sea of ThievesRum 'n' Bass (Legacy)The Rum 'n' Bass (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 44 pointsWithin The Arena, here's what you must do. Play music in contests, with four in your crew!

Sea of ThievesNice Pirates Finish Last (Legacy)The Nice Pirates Finish Last (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 89 pointsSo what if you've stolen some other crew's chest?

Sea of ThievesHot Tub Crime Machine (Legacy)The Hot Tub Crime Machine (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 164 pointsAll crews take a soak to work out their troubles. (But please remember to turn on the bubbles!)

Sea of ThievesCapture the Swag (Legacy)The Capture the Swag (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 207 pointsIn The Arena, each minute moves fast. Deliver a chest before five have gone past!

Sea of ThievesPints Mean Prizes (Legacy)The Pints Mean Prizes (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 89 pointsIn The Arena, first join a contest, then drink lots of grog and deliver a chest!

Sea of ThievesFortune and Glory (Legacy)The Fortune and Glory (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 271 pointsTaking part counts as much as winning, until in 100,000 Silver you find yourself swimming!

Sea of ThievesMaster of the Arena (Legacy)The Master of the Arena (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 447 pointsWithin The Arena, you've caused a commotion. The Sea Dogs will sell you their Master Promotion!

Sea of ThievesCaptain of Silvered Waters (Legacy)The Captain of Silvered Waters (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 358 pointsReceive the Commendation for placing in the top three 100 times in The Arena.

Sea of ThievesSailor of Silvered Waters (Legacy)The Sailor of Silvered Waters (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 479 pointsReceive the Commendation for completing 200 contests in The Arena.

Sea of ThievesChampion of Silvered Waters (Legacy)The Champion of Silvered Waters (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 714 pointsReceive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena.

Sea of ThievesLegend of Silvered Waters (Legacy)The Legend of Silvered Waters (Legacy) achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 719 pointsReceive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena as a Pirate Legend.

We'll update you with Rare's plans for these achievements as soon as we find out more from the developer.

Sea of Thieves 2022 Roadmap

Throughout 2022, Rare says it will be addressing feedback given by players, including hit registration, missing progress, and more. It also shared a roadmap to give players a better idea of what's coming to Sea of Thieves and when.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for Sea of Thieves! Are you excited about any of this new content? Are you sad to see The Arena go? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.
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