THQ Reveals Bundled Game For uDraw

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
As we draw closer and closer to the release of the uDraw GameTablet, THQ continues to paint an image of what we can expect for games upon release of their peripheral. A new game in the uDraw lineup was revealed and informed gamers may experience déjà vu when discovering what it is.

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It's called uDraw Studio: Instant Artist. The game will play similar to the Wii's uDraw Studio, which released last November, but the capabilities of the 360 version will, as you could expect, outperform what the Wii version could do. Some new features to this drawing and painting application are HD presentation, enhanced touch screen options like pinch-and-stretch zooming, and fully integrated Xbox 360 controller layout. Previously, the Wii version required you to dock your controller to the tablet.

The response from the core gaming community toward the uDraw is one that can be defined as predominantly apathetic. But for fans who may have interest in expressing their artful side (or gamers with kids of their own), check out this previously released E3 promo video of what the uDraw will be bringing to Xbox 360.

uDraw Studio: Instant Artist, again like the Wii version, will come packaged with the tablet when it releases this fall. THQ hasn't revealed how much we struggling artists will have to pay for the uDraw, nor have they revealed just when gamers will be able to channel their inner Bob Ross. However, all signs indicate a fall 2011 release. Stay with us for those further colorful details as they emerge.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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