PSA - Need To Beat An EA Mod In NFS: Carbon?

By Ashley Woodcock, 7 years ago
EA Moderator and TA user terrorfall, will be kindly giving up chunks of his free time to help gamers unlock a particularly problematic and well-known achievement from Need for Speed: Carbon:

Need for Speed: CarbonModerator ChallengeThe Moderator Challenge achievement in Need for Speed: Carbon worth 160 pointsBeat an EA Moderator in an Online game

Yes, that's right! The dreaded EA Mod achievement will be much easier to obtain over the course of three, separate, upcoming TA boosting sessions for those in need of it. Here are said boosting sessions:

Today at 20:00 - for 1 hour (In progress, feel free to join!)
Monday, 08 August 11 at 20:00 for 2 hours
Sunday, 14 August 11 at 14:00 for 3 hours

These sessions will mark the final chances to grab this achievement from terrorfall, who originally came up with the idea to make these sessions. No other EA Mods have been in action on this title for a very long time, and they probably never will be again. This truly could be the very last chance to unlock this achievement!

It is not guaranteed that everyone will unlock the achievement! Here are a few pointers for potential boosters to be aware of:

- Only eight people (including terrorfall) can race at one time

- Races must be RANKED

- terrorfall can NOT send invites to gamers for a ranked match

- terrorfall will join races the same way gamers normally do, gamers will then have to search for the lobby terror is in and hope to be put in the same one

- There is no way to stop 'randoms' joining

- The achievement is buggy and does not always unlock after the first win

- No bitching, whining, crying, or sulking of any kind is allowed! Otherwise - GAME OVER!

- If under any circumstances any gamer crosses terrorfall in a disrespectful manner or a way he doesn't like; he will not help ANYONE!

To express the last bullet point further, let me quote terrorfall himself (from each boosting session thread):

What you guys need to understand is that my inbox gets flooded every day with this achievement. I work a full time job at EA and run my own business, therefore, I have hardly any free time. On the rare occasion I get to use my 360, playing a work related title, for a work related achievement is the last thing on my mind.... especially on a game that is 5 years old!

With that said and my rant over, I am prepared to do one final session.

The ground rules are as follows:

- Don't be a douche, if you get shitty with me, I hit the power button and take a huge steaming shit on my copy of NFS:Carbon!
- I'm based in the UK so you'll need to work to my timezone.

That's it! Not really a lot to ask. If someone wants to set up a new gaming session for any of the following times and invite me in I'll do my best to make sure as many people as possible get it: (all times BST)

- Tomorrow night (7th August between 8-9PM)
- Monday 8th August 8-10PM
- Sunday 14th August 2-5PM

Please note that these times may change, I'll do my best to let you guys know as soon as possible if they do.

During the times of these boosting sessions, the action on Need For Speed: Carbon is going to be extremely chaotic! The best piece of advice I can give is to be there when you can, try to get separate groups together, and be ready to take a shot at unlocking this achievement. Once you unlock the achievement, back out and let the next wave of gamers storm in!

Once this achievement is obtained, the reward card for beating an EA Mod will unlock too. Please make sure you save your game/alias after unlocking the reward card otherwise you will lose the card! The journey towards unlocking Reward Card Hustler, with its whopping amount of TA points, will become much easier as this particular reward card is the main one that halts the progress towards the above achievement.

The discussion on this opportunity has already been fired up through each of the boosting sessions' threads, so be sure to check each of them out for more info.

Be nice to terrorfall and be grateful for this extremely rare opportunity. I'll take this chance to wish everyone involved a huge, GOOD LUCK!
Credit for this story goes to Chad and Jessie
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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