Easy Gamerscore: The 37 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

By Sean Carey,
This week's Xbox sale is chock-full of Quick Completions. After perusing what it has to offer, we've found a whopping 36 games that fit the Quick Completions bill.

As always, we've linked you to each game's hub, where you'll find achievement lists, guides, and full-blown achievement walkthroughs (if one has been written. We've also detailed this week's easiest, cheapest, and highest-rated games just below the table.

Quickest Xbox game completions from the latest sales

Game Sale Price Completion Time TA Ratio Discount
Akinofa 0-1 hour 1.01 50%
Even the Ocean 0-1 hour 1.01 60%
A Day Without Me 0-1 hour 1.03 20%
Crimson Spires 0-1 hour 1.03 40%
Cave Bad 0-1 hour 1.04 60%
Earth Marines 0-1 hour 1.04 20%
Johnny Rocket
• in Super Retro Charge
0-1 hour 1.10 70%
Sensible Blood Rugby 0-1 hour 1.11 30%
Sig.NULL 0-1 hour 1.17 17%
Aery - Calm Mind 1-2 hours 1.05 30%
Selma and the Wisp 1-2 hours 1.07 70%
Mythic Ocean 1-2 hours 1.07 67%
Stone 1-2 hours 1.09 50%
Rainswept 1-2 hours 1.11 70%
Karma. Incarnation 1 1-2 hours 1.16 35%
Another Dawn 1-2 hours 1.22 50%
Outbreak: Lost Hope Definitive Edition 1-2 hours 1.24 60%
Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement 2-3 hours 1.08 50%
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders 2-3 hours 1.09 70%
Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game 2-3 hours 1.13 35%
Ellen - The Game 2-3 hours 1.16 75%
The Bunker
• in The Ultimate FMV Bundle
2-3 hours 1.16 20%
Machinarium 2-3 hours 1.20 75%
Ghoulboy 2-3 hours 1.29 50%
Clan N 2-3 hours 1.40 50%
The Inner World 3-4 hours 1.17 75%
The Complex
• in The Interactive Movie Bundle
3-4 hours 1.23 20%
Cosmic Top Secret 3-4 hours 1.25 67%
The Town of Light 3-4 hours 1.26 85%
Trüberbrook 3-4 hours 1.30 85%
1979 Revolution: Black Friday 3-4 hours 1.40 70%
Late Shift
• in The Interactive Movie Bundle
3-4 hours 1.42 20%
Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 4-5 hours 1.25 50%
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark 4-5 hours 1.30 25%
The Darkside Detective 4-5 hours 1.40 25%
Restless Hero
• in Super Retro Charge
5-6 hours 1.20 70%
Minesweeper Genius 5-6 hours 1.42 80%


Akinofa Easy Gamerscore

Akinofa takes the crown for the game with the lowest TA ratio this week. The shoot-'em-up has 13 incredibly simple achievements that will take you less than an hour to unlock — most of them are cumulative and ask you to do things like defeat 50 enemies or die six times. Akinofa is on sale this week for $2.49/£2.09/€2.49 and sits with a TA community rating of 2.25/5.

Minesweeper Genius

11/02/2019 - Carousel

The cheapest game on our list this week is Minesweeper Genius, which you can pick up for just $1.19/£0.99/€1.19. On paper, some of the puzzle game's achievements do look quite tricky, but completion estimates suggest you'll be able to unlock all 27 achievements in under six hours. To help, we have a bunch of individual achievement guides that will aid you in your quest to become a Minesweeper genius. The community has rated Minesweeper Genius 3.45/5, so you'll probably have a good time with this one.

However, the game that offers the best bang for you buck this week is Sig.null, which, thanks to a few title updates, offers a huge 4,000 Gamerscore for just $4.14/£3.47/€4.14.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2


This week's highest-rated game, as per community ratings, is Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 , which has been rated 3.89/5. The run-and-gun title has 20 achievements that will take you around five hours to complete, according to estimates. The majority of its achievements are cumulative, so be prepared to rack up 500 zombie kills and take down 100 enemies with a chainsaw. We don't have a walkthrough for this one, but there are plenty of individual achievement guides available, should you need them. Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 is on sale this week for $6.49/£5.19/€6.49.

To view everything that's on offer from the latest Xbox sales, make sure you visit the sales page, where you can filter games by genre, see ratings, and more.

Will you be picking up any of these titles for a quick Gamerscore boost? Have we missed any other quick completions from the sale? Let us know down in the comments!

Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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