Sea of Thieves to discontinue numerous Arena achievements soon

By Sean Carey,
Rare has announced it will be discontinuing a bunch of Sea of Thieves' Arena achievements when the PvP mode closes on March 10th.

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The developer has now updated its blog post regarding the Arena's closure, saying, "After thorough investigation, we were unable to find a fair and elegant way to repurpose the Arena-centric achievements for use in Sea of Thieves' sandbox Adventure mode.

"We were unwilling to compromise in a way that would disrespect the efforts of players who fully met the original criteria, so alongside retiring The Arena as a game mode, we will also be retiring the accompanying achievements."

Rare says that the affected achievements will no longer be earnable after March 10th. However, Rare does note that Master of the Arena and Glorious Sea Dog are being partially discontinued and will "remain technically unlockable for Xbox players beyond The Arena's retirement." Both Master of the Arena and Glorious Sea Dog are awarded "based on the purchasing of Sea Dogs items, so those who qualify to purchase them can still do so after The Arena has been removed from the game." To unlock these after they're removed, you'll need to have met the criteria before March 10th. If you're a Steam player, you won't be able to unlock these at all after March 10th, as all of the Arena's achievements will be removed from the platform.

The criteria for these two achievements are as follows:

Master of the Arena

Awarded to pirates who purchase the Arena Master Sea Dogs Promotion, available only to those who have hit level 50 in the Sea Dogs Trading Company.

Glorious Sea Dog

Awarded to pirates who purchase the Glorious Sea Dogs Hat, Jacket, Hook and Gloves – items only available to those who've unlocked the Professional Sea Dog Grade V Commendation.

As far as we know, these are all the achievements that will be discontinued or partially discontinued when Arena is removed from Sea of Thieves on March 10th (let us know down in the comments if we've missed any):

Discontinued achievements as of March 10th

Partially discontinued achievements as of March 10th

This news means you have just over three weeks to start making your way through these affected achievements.

Are you sad to see Rare discontinue achievements in Sea of Thieves? Let us know your thoughts about the situation down in the comments.

Thanks to mrbellek for the heads up!
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