No Man's Sky's Sentinel update makes combat "the most intense it's ever been"

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Sentinel update is out today for No Man's Sky, and founder Sean Murray says new weaponry, shields, drones, and a new class of Sentinel Exomech "mean combat is now the most intense it’s ever been."

Over on an Xbox Wire post, Murray explains, "As anyone who’s ever tried to scavenge resources from a closely guarded planet will attest, the Sentinels are a fearsome, omnipresent authority in the universe, vigilantly protecting their territory from looters and pillagers. Whether it’s the seemingly innocuous drones, the towering walkers or the rampant canine-like quadruped, the un-prepared Traveller triggers a Sentinel attack at their peril."

Yet both Sentinels and Travellers have made combat advances. The Sentinels have "new weaponry, shields, new types of drone, and a whole new class of Sentinel Exomech," while Travellers have new weapons, stun grenades, neutron cannons, an "automated AI attack mech, and much, much more."

This Sentinel update also focuses on the lore surrounding Sentinels, and brings with it new missions, which, when completed, reward you with a drone companion. The Sentinel update arrives for No Man's Sky today.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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