Ghostbusters demoed at A-Kon 20

By SeraphimNeeded, 9 years ago
Terminal Reality was at A-Kon today demoing the new Ghostbusters video game. The game was certainly playable at this point with only a few minor timing glitches in the sound and an enemy that got caught. Most likely these small things will be fixed before the release. Beyond that there were no noticeable glitches.

During the demo, they played through the Library level. They mentioned that this is the third level of the game. The game starts out on the front steps of library. After a short discussion, the lion statue out front explodes revealing 2 ghosts. This leads you on a romp through the library chasing these ghosts down. During this time you'll fight off possessed books that try to swarm you and a golem made of books.

Shortly before capturing these 2 ghosts, you'll run across the Gray Lady, the librarian ghost from the first movie that was never caught. After capturing the 2 ghosts that destroyed the statue, you'll continue chasing her deeper into the library. Eventually you come across a secret passage that leads you underneath the library.

During this segment you continue chasing the gray lady. At the end of this segment you end up fighting off the gray lady. At the end of this fight, a portal is opened to the 5th dimension. As they closed out the demo, they showed the character you play as going through the portal and gave us a quick look around the other side.

From a tech standpoint, the game is looking pretty good. Visually, the game is everything you would expect. A lot of the hud has actually been placed on you character, much like Dead Space. What really surprised me was the physics engine. While other engines may be capable of more advanced behaving physics, I don't believe I have ever seen an engine handle so many objects being affected at the same time. For instance, during the sub-basement segment you enter an area partially flooded. In this room you end up fighting off one of the book golems. When you defeat it, it blows apart. When it does so, all the books that made up the golem are left bobbing up and down individually in the water. It was quite an amazing display as there wasn't a noticeable slowdown.

Gameplay also looks very interesting. Obviously, your character uses ghosttraps and the capture beam. The capture beam works something like a fast paced fishingline and looks rather fun to use. During the demo, they revealed 4 secondary weapons. The first was a stasis beam that would freeze an enemy in place if you could hold it on them long enough. The second weapon was a shotgun like blast that proved rather effective against the book swarms. The third weapon was some sort of ball of energy that would explode on impact. The final weapon was a smaller version of the slime throwers seen from the second movie. None of these weapons had ammo. Instead they all caused your pack to overheat at varying rates. When your pack overheats it quits working for about 3 seconds. The character life system is regenerating like Call of Duty. When you run out of health however, you aren't guaranteed to die. If friendly characters are around they will try to revive you. They can get knocked into a similar state as well where you will have to revive them.

Ultimately, it looks like it will be an extremely entertaining game. I am worried about length of the single player a bit because they did mention that there were only 7 levels, though they did mention those levels should take several hours each and they did say there will be multiple game modes to play through. It is a bit unfortunate, but they did not cover the multiplayer or co-op game play at all, so I can't tell you what those modes will be like.