CrossfireX dev outlines what's coming with the first major content update

By Heidi Nicholas,
After apologising to players for the state of the game, CrossfireX executive producer Sooro Boo has now shared an update of what the dev team has been working on with its first major update — including new content.


"I’d like to give an update of what we’ve been working on," says Mr. Boo. "Since our last announcement, we’ve been working hard on our first major content update and have identified a few areas to focus on based on your feedback and also our own internal analyses."

Those key areas are listed as bug fixes, gameplay and balance, UI and UX, and new content, with Boo saying around 80 major bugs have been fixed, while the resolution for the Black Widow map has been optimised. With regards to gameplay and balance, the update brings improvements to controller sensitivity, aim assist, daily missions, and more. The new content includes two maps: Invasion for Spectre mode and Submarine, which Boo says is for melee-only. Boo later adds that the developers are aware that players want new TDM and Search and Destroy maps, and that the team is working on two to three new maps. The upcoming update will also add new weapons and silencer parts, as well as a new Event Battle Pass "where you can earn GP and CFP for free."

CrossfireX's last update fixed the Xbox Game Pass issue and more, and Boo adds that the team "will continue to develop CFX with content updates and balance adjustments." There's no date yet as to when we can expect this upcoming update, but we'll let you know when we hear more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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