Australia Gets 18+ Rating for Games

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Australia is a dangerous continent: venomous snakes, poisonous plants, harsh deserts, sharks and the ever-present danger of Paul Hogan just snapping. Even with all of these daily perils endangering their benevolent denizens, Australia has always fought the good fight to keep gamers safe from the worst scourge of all... violent video games.

That is, until today... well, yesterday if you want to get technical.

According to the Australian Labor News, the Law Ministers from all but one of Australia's jurisdictions agreed to support the proposal to introduce an R18+ classification for computer games in Australia.

Minister of Justice, Brendan O'Connor was ecstatic about the decision:

I am delighted that NSW has decided to support what is not just a practical public policy, but a very popular policy.

The introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games will provide better advice to parents and help prevent children and teenagers from accessing unsuitable material.

Once introduced, the new classification will also afford adults the opportunity to view material designed for adults.
With this decision in place, Australians (of age) will now be able to purchase Mature-Rated games that were previously either banned or harshly censored.

So, rejoice, Aussies, crack open a Foster's, throw another shrimp on the barbie and go pwn a noob in .
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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