New XBLA 'The Splatters' Coming Soon

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Those of you interested in XBLA puzzlers can find happiness in the fact that a new arcade title, developed by rookie developer SpikySnail, will be hitting the marketplace sometime next year.

The Splatters introduces a cast of gelatinous, grinning blobs that players use to somehow navigate around the 2D levels and solve physics puzzles. The trailer doesn't do a great job at explaining the gameplay but it does look rather rambunctious.

The friendly people at SpikySnail do a better job of explaining the game's mechanics:

The Splatters are a bunch of ever-smiling, semi-suicidal master acrobats with one purpose in life: to blow themselves up. Slam them against walls, crash them into spikes, ride the slides, and chain spectacular stunt-combos to rack up massive scores. Get creative to make the most out of every setting and put on the best show in town. Unleash 15 distinct talents and over 60 action-packed puzzles with stunning HD visuals in a one-of-a-kind physics-based universe. Once you've honed your skills, challenge your friends in a game that redefines the term "replay value." Jump in and have a blast with the Splatters! Life's short. DIE WITH STYLE.
Attendants of PAX Prime (later this month in Seattle) will have the opportunity to check out the game in-person.

Look for The Splatters sometime in 2012 on the XBLA marketplace.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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