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By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
I’d like to start off this week’s edition of “The Gamish Inquisition” by complementing the fine introductory biography sent in by our interviewee, Saikred . It was a compelling self-nomination full of ups and downs, twists and turns, a lot of laughs and (dare I say?) a few tears. Fortunately, his interview ended up full of chuckles and is sure to delight you all.

With that in mind, grab a cider and enjoy this week’s edition of “The Gamish Inquisition”!


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obj - There's a story behind every gamertag, what is yours? I’m sensing there’s some sort of heretical misspelling going on here… either that or you were Saik the Red, pillager of goats, in a previous life.

S- I don’t remember any goat pillaging, but I have done a few crazy things while “less than sober” and I did live in the countryside at one point so who knows.

You’re pretty much on the money with the misspelling, the name originated when I first started MMO gaming, I’d always lean towards the evil caster type class in the early days, and I thought the word Sacred sounded pretty cool, but wasn’t really “evil” enough. So I threw in a filthy “K” and the “I” followed naturally, now I can’t see myself being called anything else.

obj – We’ve all done “fun” things while “less-than-sober”… At least you didn’t play http://www.trueachievements.com/Oblivion-xbox-360.htm while black out drunk.

Where is home for you and, if I were to visit, what thing(s) would I be forced to do at gunpoint by the locals? Bonus points shall be awarded if your answer includes an Oasis cover band, Fanta and cats wearing glasses.

S- North East UK, Newcastle to be precise (well closer to Sunderland, but let’s not go there). Home of “Howaysis”… see what I did there?

I wouldn’t come to the little village I live in, if you were put at gunpoint it’d only be to use the local shop (for local people), likely to buy the magic coloured liquid they call Fanta.

I can’t do anything with the cat I’m sorry…

obj – Bonus points are now awarded for the valiant attempt at vanquishing my own inanities.

What pays the bills in the Saikred home and does your job have any sweet perks like after hours mud fights and flossing awards?

S- I really do wish I could see the odd mud fight where I work, believe me, but it’s just your average job, working for npower (no I’m not a salesman), making sure people’s meter reads are right and fixing them if they’re not. I like it though (weird as that may be), and it does pay the bills

I get free access to a Gym (which I don’t use yet… but it’s still free)

One time I even got a gold star!

obj – I can see how a Gold Star can come in handy.

How’s the home life? Do you have a significant other, progeny and/or Small Wonder-Style android and how do they feel about gaming?

S- I have an amazing wife of almost 6 years and a fantastic, though very loud, daughter of 4 (almost 5) who are the whole reason I live.

My wife’s gamerscore is higher than my best mate, which is always a bonus, she’s a big fan of the Lego games and has 100% most of the ones she’s played.

My little girl is into her browser games (anything Disney / fairy related) though she does like to watch the 360.

I also have an evil robot creature (cat) who scratches all the wallpaper off and bites your feet in bed… his name is Fizzgig (e-points for the reference)…

obj – With the average age of gamers resting somewhere in the mid-to-late-20’s, many of us are moving onto marriage, parenting and “adult-hood”. Since you qualify as all three, how do you balance being a dad, a husband and a gamer at the same time?

S- The games come first (I joke… please don’t tell the wife)

It’s a delicate balance for sure, I always try to spend time with my little girl every day because it’s something I had growing up and want her to have as well. When she’s in bed and the wife is watching her god-awful soaps… that’s when I get my frag on. Currently investing a lot of time in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 .

obj – As someone who routinely has to apologize to the wife for bad jokes, I shall stay silent.

Aside from playing the 360, what hobbies do you enjoy?

S- I’m learning to play the guitar, slowly, and I love going to the movies or doing anything at all with the wife and little one really.

Not really a big TV person, though I do like a few shows, Supernatural being one of them (yay for Richard Speight Jr). I Loved Band of Brothers when that was on, and I could happily sit and watch old game shows for hours too.

PC gaming naturally and I’m a fairly big F1 fan as well, firmly supporting Jenson Button.

obj - Outside of gaming, what is your favorite form of media and your favorite artist within that media?

S- It’s a tough call between music and film so I’m going to give you an example of both, because I can.

Music: Dave Grohl, the man just doesn’t do anything wrong. He’s also on the wife’s “list”… but we won’t go there.

Film: Terrible though he may be, I just love Wesley Snipes. Also to even up “the list” mentions, Katherine Heigl… enough said.

obj – Oh, the “list”… every married couple has one. Unfortunately, the odds of my hot wyf getting Zachary Levi are about a million times better than me getting Christina Hendricks.

Before we start with The Gamish Inquisition, is there a question you want me to ask that I have not? As always, answers to this question would be helpful… as the Psychic Friends Network doesn’t let me call them anymore.

S- I was kind of hoping for a question about food preferences… my answer would be anything at all, as long as it has cheese on, and is served by a topless woman.

obj – This leads me to wonder if they have Hooters in the UK, but I digress.

Let’s start “The Gamish Inquisition” with a picture of your setup and a quick description of its features.

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S- It’s very basic compared to some I’ve seen. The monitor is the same one I use for my PC, which is busted right now. Looking at updating the desk somewhat, but it works for what I need it to do. It’s better when the wife is out, because then I hook it up to the 42” beast of a TV.

obj - Do you own any other gaming consoles/platforms aside from the 360 and, if so, do they get jealous of how awesome it (the 360) is?

S- Other than my PC, they’ve all been sold over the years to pay for new Xboxes; I’ve been a victim of RROD no less than 4 times. I think it says a lot that I still prefer the 360 to the PS3 / Wii.

obj – Let’s take a dip in the Hot Tub Time Machine and ask about your first gaming memory.

S- Oh my… it was a little game called Harrier Attack, back on my nana’s (yes nana) Amstrad CPC 464. The game was released in the same year I was born (1983), and it was awesome.

obj – Let’s imagine for a moment that the first video game you ever played had achievements, what would have been the TOUGHEST achievement in that game?

S- Oh dear

I don’t think I ever finished the game so I’d have to go with something like finishing the game, without crashing your plane.

That would have sucked.

obj – Your trophy case features a few achievements from http://www.trueachievements.com/Naughty-Bear-xbox-360.htm . With that in mind, how do you feel about the gruesome and malicious murder of the stuffed replicas of mindless killing machines, or, rather, is this a game worth picking up in “The Bargain Bin”?

S- I feel pretty good about it to be honest. I think there’s a message to be had there. If you treat your fellow fluff filled bears with contempt, then expect to be killed in a brutal stabbing.

I’m a little worried that my little girl thinks that it’s hilarious mind. It’s a little unsettling sneaking up on a bear to have your little girl saying “are you going to push him in the fire?” in an excited tone.

I think it’s an ok game, not entirely deserving of the bad press it got but it is a little repetitive, and the multiplayer is god-awful. Ordinarily I’d say to pick it up cheap if you can, but in reality I don’t want you to because I like the high TA ratios

obj – From our “Community Asks the Community” file, DirtyLittleSith wants to know:

What game do you wish the development team did a better job making?

S- Love the gamertag. This is a great question, and I think the first thing that comes to mind would be http://www.trueachievements.com/Test-Drive-Unlimited-2-....htm . Based on the first one, and what they had planned for it, it had so much potential, but it was just a broken mess on release and many people, myself included, gave up on it.

obj – In the initial information you sent to me, you claim to be a big fan of MMO’s and are excited for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Do you think an MMO would ever be functional and fun on the 360?

S- Yeah I think SW:TOR is going to pretty much destroy my play time on the 360 unfortunately. As for a functional MMO on the 360, I really don’t see it. There just aren’t enough button combinations and you lack the precision of a mouse to make it really work. It would feel like being forced to be a keyboard turner. I know people will disagree with me, but the MMO genre needs to stay on the PC.

obj - A few years ago, an episode of South Park featured a storyline where Cartman froze himself so he didn't have to wait for the Nintendo Wii. Since that episode, I've begun using Cartman as an expression for not wanting to wait for something. What is the one upcoming game that you want to "Cartman" yourself for?

S- Part of me wants to say F1 2011, though it’s probably not worth it for only about 7 weeks or whatever it is now, and I’d miss my birthday too.

There’s a lot of stuff I can’t wait for right now though. If I had to choose one game then it would have to be SW:TOR.

Honourable mentions to Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Gears of War 3 though.

obj - Everyone has at least one “shameful” game on their gamercard. What is the most “shameful” game that you have on your gamercard and what makes it so bad?

S- http://www.trueachievements.com/Avatar-The-Burning-Eart....htm , for obvious reasons.

The worst part is I never even tried to play it after I got the completion, I let my wife do it and we sent it right back to lovefilm.

obj – Like myself, you managed to complete http://www.trueachievements.com/1-vs-100-xbox-360.htm when it was running. Many gamers were very disappointed when it was “canceled”. Do you think there is a game (or a type of game) that would work well into this Primetime Gaming block that Microsoft attempted to create?

S- I personally think 1 vs. 100 was perfect for what MS seemed to want from the whole “primetime” gaming thing, and I too was sad to see it go. I really don’t like the http://www.trueachievements.com/Full-House-Poker-xbox-3....htm thing they’re doing now either, which is a shame because I still have gamerscore to mop up on that one.

obj – You have a good number of Arcade games on your gamercard. What do you think is the key to making a good Arcade title?

S- I like the idea of reliving old games either exactly as they were (a-la http://www.trueachievements.com/Altered-Beast-xbox-360.htm) or updated to be more modern, while keeping the old-school feel (After Burner Climax). I think arcade games are an excellent medium for finding a little gem of a game where you can invest a bunch of hours into something with great pick up and play value, for a reasonable price.

I got so excited when I saw http://www.trueachievements.com/BanjoKazooie-xbox-360.htm was coming to XBLA, and I haven’t even finished it.

obj – Do you have a favorite snack or beverage (either alcoholic or non) that you like to enjoy while gaming?

S- My wife tends to make me the odd snack as I game, and anything she brings me is perfect to be honest (I know, I’m well trained).

As for beverage, it’s got to be an ice cold can of cider for the evenings (leaning towards the sweeter kind), or Sprite / Dr Pepper during the day

The cider thing is probably my younger, country boy self manifesting itself in my adulthood.

obj – There is nothing, NOTHING wrong with a good, crisp cider on a hot summer’s eve and I will personally break a bottle of Strongbow or Woodchuck and shiv anyone who says otherwise.

Gamers game for various reasons, socialization, stress relief, escape-from-real-world time and the nihilistic need to destroy things. Where does your “gaming style” fit?

S- I think it’s a cross between escapism and addiction. I’m quite a conflicted gamer I think, in that I sway towards multiplayer more than single player a lot of the time, but I really don’t like losing.

So I guess you could say I’m a social gamer too, but only with friends. I tend to avoid using my headset when I’m not gaming with friends because there are too many idiots on XBL.

obj – And now, Saik the Red, consumer of ciders, are you ready for The Shocker that is The Lightning Round?

S- Thunder, Thunder, Thunder… HOOOOOOOO

obj - Favorite Retail 360 Game

S- SP: http://www.trueachievements.com/Fallout-3-xbox-360.htm
MP: http://www.trueachievements.com/Halo-3-xbox-360.htm (sue me)

obj - Favorite Arcade Game

S- http://www.trueachievements.com/Plants-vs-Zombies-xbox-....htm

obj – Craziest game sidekick

S- GLaDOS in Potato form

obj – Worst game you ever played

S- Prison Break: The Conspiracy was pretty dire.

obj – Most overrated game

S- http://www.trueachievements.com/BioShock-xbox-360.htm

obj – Most underrated game

S- Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

obj –Game you wish would be made into a movie

S- I’d like to see what they could do with Fallout 3.

obj – Movie you wish were made into a game

S- Bad Boys, complete with 1 liners.

obj- Favorite developer

S- Bethesda

obj – If you could have lunch/a drink with one person from “the gaming world” who would it be?

S- Peter Molyneux, just so I could ask him what the hell they were thinking with the ending to http://www.trueachievements.com/Fable-II-xbox-360.htm . What a letdown.

I’d also like to meet Steve Merchant, because he was awesome in http://www.trueachievements.com/Portal-2-xbox-360.htm.

obj - Any final thoughts, shout-outs or soap-box statements?

S- Shout out to my TA buddies, and my co-op partner Darth Sanctus. Kudos to my wife for putting up with me, though her gamertag remains anonymous. A special thanks to the zodiac 75 also, for lending me all those easy games

I’m off to pillage some goats, you might have let something out of the box here.


Be sure to hide yo kids (the baby goat kind) because there could be a dark wizard coming to get them tonight.

A big thanks goes out to Saikred for subjecting himself to the rigors of the Inquisition.

As always:

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