Smite gets Heavenly Light event and community-requested feature

By Tom West,
Smite players can now celebrate the game's birthday with the Heavenly Light event, which features a new ultimate skin reward for Izanami called the Queen of Hearts, and an update that adds expanded custom match options.

smite heavenly light event update izanami

Running until April 5th, the Heavenly Light event in Smite is available to all players as part of the Smite Birthday Celebration Community Calendar Event, which includes free events, discounts, freebies, and more. Heavenly Light is spread over four chapters and sees you helping Mulan and Sun Wukong investigate mysterious ghosts in China. If you manage to unlock all of the rewards in a chapter, you'll unlock a free bonus skin, and if you unlock all of the rewards across all four chapters, you'll earn yourself the Queen of Hearts skin for Izanami.

The Queen of Hearts is what the devs call a "Tier 5" skin, which represents "the pinnacle of Smite skin design." It'll be the final reward of the Heavenly Light event and gives Izanami four unique forms — each inspired by a suit of cards and the corresponding tarot symbology. Izanami's Fade Away ability will cause the skin to change into one of the forms, and earning kills or assists while using the Queen of Hearts skin will also cause you to draw four cards, potentially unlocking an upgraded emote for the form Izanami is wearing at the time.

smite heavenly light event update izanami

Alongside the festivities found within the Heavenly Light event, the Chibi Bot Battle Pass will become available and offer you the chance to unlock some mini-bot skins like Doom Bot Hades. Custom Matches have also been updated with Expanded Custom Match options, which offers you pre-saved default game mode options, competitive rulesets, and Ranked formats.

Will you be heading to the battlegrounds in search of Izanami's Queen of Hearts skin? Let us know down in the comments!
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Written by Tom West
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