Glossy 250GB Slim Console To Be Discontinued

By Keith Gray, 7 years ago
Major Nelson has responded to recent speculation and rumours, regarding the future of Microsoft's gloss-finished black 250GB Slim console.

The uncertainty surrounding the firm's plans for its flagship console has stemed from several news outlet suggesting that consumers would be able to choose between either a gloss-finish or matte-finish 250GB Slim console during the forthcoming holiday period.

However, Major Nelson has blogged to quash such ideas, instead, confirming what Microsoft will really be doing:

We are actively transitioning all our Xbox 360 S consoles to a matte finish. The consoles will start to arrive in stores over the coming weeks...
Therefore, the 250GB S console will soon have the same finish as the current 4GB S console, meaning that you'll have to act fast to get your hands on a glossy 250GB S console.

In relation to such news, those of you who are considering buying (or have already pre-ordered) a Gears of War 3 or Star Wars Limited Edition console may be wondering where you stand! Rest assured, as you will still be able to enjoy a smooth, sleek, glossy finish to your beloved console.
Credit for this story goes to MichaelMackie1
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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