Sniper: Ghost Warrior Getting Extended Edition

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Last year's Sniper: Ghost Warrior, an Xbox 360 exclusive, was met with mixed reviews. While its focus on accurate weapon ballistics and stealth was a nice touch and a departure from the norm in the high-octane FPS genre, it lacked the polish many gamers were hoping for.

Just as the game's reviews were lukewarm, so were its sales. When they re-released it for Playstation 3 earlier this year, they packed in a lot of bonuses to draw in gamers on the platform.

Now, to attract Xbox gamers who had previously passed over the title, they are re-releasing the game again with an all-new bundle of features.

The Extended Edition features two bonus sniper rifles, four new single-player maps, a new multiplayer mode (Capture the Flag), and it all comes in a Steelbook metal box. There is so far no word on whether the game will be re-released anywhere but North America, where it will sell for $29.99 in stores.

All of this comes in anticipation of the sequel City Interactive announced in May, and was later detailed at E3.

There aren't any images yet of the metal box, but you can expect to see it in US stores when Sniper: Ghost Warrior Extended Edition releases on August 30th.
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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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